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If you live or worship in the Parish of Woldingham, you are most welcome to have your baby or child baptised at our churches. Please contact Revd. Dr. Catherine Dowland-Pillinger (01883 652192) for a preliminary discussion. Revd. Catherine will discuss possible dates with you and give you the preliminary information you need. You will then meet with her for a preparation session nearer the date of the service, when you will look at the service and its meaning in more detail and can ask any questions.

Baptism services normally take place either in our main Parish Eucharist at St. Paul’s at 10am on a Sunday morning, usually on the third Sunday in the month, when the Footsteps children are present, or at a separate service later on a Sunday, most usually at 12 noon. Please contact us in good time if you have a particular date in mind so that there is enough time for preparation.

In the baptism service (often also called christening), the parents give thanks for their child and make the decision to start their child on a lifelong journey of faith, coming to know and love God. Godparents promise to help and support the parents in guiding the child on this journey, and the whole church promises to care and pray for them.

Traditionally, a child has three godparents, who should themselves be baptised (and ideally also confirmed); as a minimum, there should be two, one female one male. Godparents play an important part in the Christian upbringing of their godchild, helping them to learn about the faith as they grow up.

If you do not live in Woldingham parish, you will need the agreement of your own parish priest in order for your child to be baptised here.

A service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child is also possible if your family wishes to have one. Please contact Revd. Dr Catherine Dowland-Pillinger if you would like to discuss this option.  It is also possible for adults to be baptised; for them, this would normally be linked with some ongoing learning about the faith and to confirmation. Please do speak to us if this is something you would like to explore.

There is no charge for a baptism. Please contact the Vicar (01883 652192 or if you wish to arrange a baptism.

The Church of England website has a helpful section on baptism: