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If you have sadly suffered the loss of someone close to you, we can conduct a funeral service either in church, at a graveside or in a crematorium. We hope that we can offer you some support and comfort as well as accommodating the wishes of the departed and family by providing a suitable funeral service. Your first point of contact will usually be the funeral director/undertaker, who will then be in touch with our Vicar, Revd. Dr. Catherine Dowland-Pillinger, to make the necessary arrangements. She will then meet with you to discuss the details of the service, including readings, hymns and music.

The Church of England website includes some guidance on planning a funeral service:

Please contact the Vicar (01883 652192 or if you wish to arrange a burial at St. Agatha’s, or your undertaker may do so on your behalf.

Families will naturally wish to place headstones onto the plots in which their loved ones are buried; it is usually advisable to contact your undertaker in the first instance about this; they will be able to assist you with the decisions to be made and with the necessary application forms.

Any memorial stones installed must adhere to the regulations laid down by the Diocese of Southwark, to ensure that the character and atmosphere of the churchyard are maintained.

Funeral fees for 2024

Funeral service (in church or a crematorium) £228 

Organ fund contribution £100

Organist’s fee £130

Burial at St. Agatha’s Churchyard £399  

Burial of ashes £192